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The Malouf Foundation stands behind the conviction that every child deserves freedom, justice, dignity, and a safe home. That’s why we have partnered with several organizations that work to shelter, protect, and rescue children around the world.

Our flagship cause is to support efforts to end child sex trafficking. More than two million children are victims of sex trafficking around the world. Join us as we bring awareness to this global issue, support law enforcement in delivering justice, and fund aftercare for survivors so they can build a better future.

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Operation Underground Railroad

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We partnered with Operation Underground Railroad to provide bedding and kits for children rescued from sex trafficking around the world. O.U.R. paves the way for the permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning. The Malouf Foundation works to provide a warm, comfortable bed to these children as they spend their first night in safety and freedom.


utah foster care

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a brighter future

On average, 2700 children are benefitting from foster care in Utah at any given time. Our goal is to supply every foster family in need with a mattress protector and every child in foster care with their own personal pillow.



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a safe place

A leader in the fight against domestic violence, CAPSA's efforts include providing shelter to those fleeing abuse and assistance to begin a new chapter of life thereafter. We contribute to their cause and furnish each individual with quality bedding to contribute to a comfortable and welcoming environment in the shelter.


sleep in heavenly peace

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a place to sleep

Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds beds for kids who are sleeping on couches, blankets, or even floors. We've joined forces to supply mattresses, sheets, pillows, and protectors to make those beds as comfortable as possible.


the family place

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family first

The Family Place strengthens families by assisting in crisis situations, hosting family-focused events and offering workshops and counseling. We support these efforts by providing bedding to create a comfortable environment for kids or families in need.

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upcoming event

Forging Freedom
Anti-Human Trafficking Event

JANUARY 28, 2018 | 5 - 7 P.M.

Malouf Showroom in Las Vegas
Suite C1540, World Market Center

Mark your calendars for our exclusive Forging Freedom event during Las Vegas Market. Join your industry peers for drinks and appetizers, meet new people, and come together to end human trafficking.

featuring guest speaker, tim ballard

As a former Homeland Security special agent, Tim Ballard has been on the front lines battling child sex trafficking for over a decade. Come listen to him share experiences as the jump team commander for Operation Underground Railroad and see first-hand how you can help bring an end to child slavery.

Please join us in January to find out what you can do, how your entire team can get involved, and how working together can have an enormous impact.

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For supporting the art for capsa event

The Malouf Foundation held its 2nd Annual Art for CAPSA Benefit Dinner & Art Auction in support of Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse (CAPSA) and their efforts to end abuse in our community.

Guests enjoyed a delightful nine-course chef’s tasting to the accoustic strains of contemporary guitar. Meanwhile, Kent Wallis created an oil painting at the event that was later auctioned. The event saw more than 55 diverse art pieces donated by various artists to make up a sizable silent auction.

We’re happy to report that the event raised over $41,000 to directly benefit CAPSA. We sincerely appreciate the community members, volunteers, and exceptional chefs that took part in this memorable evening.


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